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Ganesh Ghee

Apart from the quality. We ensure customer's satisfaction by various varieties of Ghee namely

  • Crystal Ghee
  • Liquid Ghee
  • Laddu Ghee


Crystal ghee comes in grannule form, Yellow in color which has unique taste of Aroma, can be consumed directly by consumer’s. It comes in various packings as 15kg, 5lt, 2lt, 1lt,1/2 lt tins and consumer packs of 200ml, 100ml, 50ml, pouches.


Liquid ghee is used for sweet shops, nature of this ghee will be liquid form. There will be no grannules in it, color of this ghee will be in Yellow, normally this liquid ghee suits to all sweet stalls. For all type of sweets especially Mysurpak. We supply this liquid ghee in 15kg tins, packed in carton boxes and strapped well.


Laddu ghee is also used by sweet shops. As name suggests this ghee is specially used for preparing ghee Laddus. We supply laddu ghee in 15kg tins packed in carton boxes.


Ghee has always a sacred and celebrated symbol of auspiciosness, nourishment and heailing especially in daily rituals of cooking & worship.Ghee is a premium cooking oil celebrated for its taste, nutritional benefits and medicinal qualitis, ayurvedha, the ancient medical science of INDIA recogonised that ghee as as essential part of balanced diet and it is best fat one can eat.

Ghee contains omega 3 & omea 9 essential fatty acids along with Vitamins A,B,E & K. Ghee has been used for centuries as a digestive & elimination aid for energy, sexual vitality, skin, eye & health. As a lubricant for the joints and for the blood.

A spoon of ghee is full of health poses no danger to cardial health and could protect us from cancer.It has strong microbial properties and hence boots immunity, brain development, bone health and nerve functioning.

Regular consumption of pure ghee enhances physical and mental strength, and keeps the body healthy. It also helps in taking out the impurities from the body. It enhances eyesight, keeps muscles and tendons healthy.

For people with cholesterol problems, ghee is a better option as compared to butter as pure ghee is lower in fat than butter.

Because of lesser amount of fat in desi ghee, it is easier to digest.

Pure ghee can last for a longer duration of time. It can be stored without refrigeration.

Some people believe that ghee can restore balance to the mind and enhance brain function.

Ghee also helps in stimulating the digestive system and hence also aids in weight loss provided your diet is well balanced and you are exercising.

Ghee is an excellent cooking medium because it does not break down in high heat like many cooking oils do, resulting in free radicals. Ghee has a high burning point, so it will neither smoke nor burn when cooked.

The body needs certain fats in its diet in order to perform vital functions, including protecting the stomach wall from digestive acids, building and strengthening cell membranes and supporting nerve, skin and brain health. The fats in ghee provide these benefits without any of the trans-fats, hydrogenated oils or oxidized cholesterol of butter and other oils.

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